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Our Team

We are a team of seasoned software industry experts with strong drive for innovation. We have multiple years of experience building different types of software, from custom based desktop solutions, via embedded software and ending on cloud based SaaS platforms. We have been working in different IT roles, starting from development and finishing on creation of complex software architecture, management of programs containing of multiple projects and on business development. We have expertise and understanding of setting up of profitable organizations, building performing and motivated teams and using external providers when needed to drive our endeavors to success.

All of us live in neighborhoods where littering is common, where it isn’t anything special to see piles of trash in the forest or on the river side. We have faced the problem of not enough reactions from local authorities and helplessness when trying to find ways to get our neighborhoods cleaned. As a result we already participated in local cleanups, we felt that was the only possible way – organize our self’s with others and get the needed things done.

We are using our technology experience and combining it with very high motivation to do something that makes a difference for all of us and natural environment. We as well have children, we just can’t agree to leave our neighborhoods littered and let them play in such conditions or never see wildlife in clean natural environment.

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All of us faced the litter problem. LitterAct has an Innovative approach to solving it and making impact as an important piece of the environmental puzzle. Unlike many others, LitterAct found a way to combine solving one of the biggest challenges of our times with making it a simple thing available for everyone.


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