LitterAct – Join Us! 

Littering, waste and the need to extract resources instead of recycling cause huge bad impact on our environment and closest neighborhoods. $11,5 billion is spent yearly on litter cleanups resulting in only 30% of recycled waste. Many individuals, organizations and companies take actions that are directed to improve the situation. Social awareness of the problem and it’s media presence is huge resulting in impressive popularity of voluntary litter cleanups organized spontaneously by multiple individuals, communities and companies. Actions like the #TrashTag challenge prove the importance and willingness of people to take action in their closest neighborhoods.

In the EU only, 2,5 million people work in the cleaning industry, which is barely digitalized and dominated by very traditional companies. Cleaning services are available but they can only be provided for big scale requests and require traditional ordering and contracts. Disruption and bringing new approach into it, can open enormous opportunities for environmentally concerned people, could change the way we tackle the littering problem and increase the awareness of the society even more!

All of us faced the litter problem. LitterAct has an Innovative approach to solving it and making impact as an important piece of the environmental puzzle. Unlike many others, LitterAct found a way to combine solving one of the biggest challenges of our times with making it a simple thing available for everyone. Social awareness and environmental impact of the litter problem is huge and we want to act to improve the situation. Combination of our solution and people awareness brings an opportunity to introduce a world changing solution that could benefit all of us. LitterAct will become a global player in solving environmental issues and allowing everyone to take action, bringing hope for better, cleaner life for local communities, individuals, but as well wildlife and our environment. Being part of this positive change, taking action and being in the middle of the journey for a better tomorrow is definitely worth any efforts.

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