Litteract Solution

Main goal of LitterAct is the disruption of the public litter cleaning sector. LitterAct wants to achieve that with the usage of easy to use digital solution that is harnessing the power of newest technologies and most recent social trends.

Core Technologies

location based services

Users will mostly operate and interact with LitterAct via mobile apps dedicated for iOS and Android. GPS positions of users will be tracked.

Big data analysis

LitterAct is using big data techniques, looking for most littered locations and how they correspond with their surroundings. Analysis of litter materials, combined with places where they were found will allow to plan correct steps in order to prevent littering in the future.

cloud services

Securing the possibility to handle big numbers of users and always have expected availability, the system is designed to work on Google Cloud Platform.

Artificial intelligence

LitterAct will be able to interpret pictures of littered places that requires cleanup to extend the information about typical waste and people behaviors that need to be addressed

User Centric Experiences

LitterAct solution puts the user in the center of everything. We are making sure, that every action or interaction with our solution is a seamless experience.

digital marketing platforms

LitterAct is targeting global presence, personalized messages needs to be served depending on the location, user type, his preferences and history of visits. The solution needs to be closely integrated with social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.